A career is a path or progression through life, or some phase of it ..

and it is as personal as the music you listen to or the car you drive. For some, the goal is salary or identity or status. For others, it is a pursuit. A contribution that calls for no reward other than personal satisfaction. Changes in industry over the past few decades have meant that most people will no longer engage in one pursuit over a lifetime, so many of us will seek to discover how our skills can be utilised over many industries.

Adaptability is a key driver in the Employment game. Competition can be fierce with Business wanting one person to do many tasks, and one person needing Business to understand that work is just one of the many threads of his or her life. From a Career perspective, there is no “one single story”.

At Hobajing Narrative Practice, I combine conversation, tuition and hands-on participation to support individuals and groups reach the next milestone in their life. With a focus on change through progress and action, services are delivered through workshops, group and individual sessions with online, offline and in-person options.

This website has many paths to both paid services and free tools, and it is designed for you to discover. If you want it quick and brief though, go straight to About and Bookings, and you’ll get a fair idea of how we could work together.