Bookings, Pricing and Other Stuff

Before you commit to any Hobajing Service, please read the FAQ’s. Also note that Coaching and Training is limited to the information that you provide, so there will be many questions. Most importantly, no change will occur based on what I do. It’s all about what you do. I cannot take action for you, you must participate for any change to take place. Pricing estimate is below for online, onstage, offline and workshop sessions. Click here for public workshop details. Where delivery is outside of the two hour radius of Robertson, additional travel and/or accommodation fees may be charged.

OFFLINE for one individual
ONLINE for one individual
ONSTAGE for one group
WORKSHOP for one group
$85 for four [4] email communications over six [6] weeks $85 for one [1] session of up to ninety [90] minutes [includes one [1] email response prior to session $185 per hour with a minimum of three [3] hours which consists of two [2] hours of delivery and one [1] hour of preparation $85 per hour / per participant with a minimum of six [6] Attendees. For example, a three [3] hour session for six [6] people would cost $1530
Many individual outcomes can be worked through with just the basic option. You describe the outcome, I gather more information and provide a draft action plan. You then have three more communications after you receive your action plan to use for support. Prior to our session, I will send a questionnaire to gather preliminary information so I can prepare tools and activities, before our session starts. The goal of the session is to create an actionable plan for you to achieve your Career Goal. Topic will determine how much preliminary communication is necessary prior to the event. Note that, although not compulsory, Onstage Presentations always seem to be better received when there is light food served. Note that I can supply my own PPE and have a NSW White Card [for Construction Sites] My hands on approach means no-one sits in the back flicking through their emails, so I cap numbers at twelve and insist on a forty-five minute meal break every three hours. Prior to the session, I will call and/or email for preliminary information on Attendees, and to discuss venue requirements.
What to Expect When You Book!
  • You email these details to
  • I will contact you within 48 hours with an agreement containing an outline of services and payment details. In some cases, I may ask for more information before committing, and will always refer you to another provider if I feel that you require assistance outside of my skills and qualifications
  • You receive Coaching Agreement and provide payment, then ...
  • Respond to questionnaire to provide initial consultation data
  • Receive first of four emails
  • Respond to Coaching to finetune, ask questions etc over next three emails
  • Respond to questionnaire to provide initial consultation data
  • Meet for up to ninety minutes on Skype, text chat or over the phone
  • Respond to follow up email
  • Number of communications will occur prior to event to ensure Coaching format is inline with requirements
  • Number of communications will occur prior to event to ensure Workshop format is inline with requirements
  • Participants will be sent preliminary workbook