Change is confronting

.. no matter what stage of life you are at. A Retiree about to spend her savings on a dream florist shop is just as nervous as a teenage boy busking for the first time in his main street who is just as confused as a Man about to come out of prison. Taking risks is uncomfortable because you’re taking a chance that you’re ready for something new when in reality, you can’t be 100% sure.

Online coaching is just conversation. You lay it all out in a safe space and together we work through the challenges and the possibilities. My style will push you outside of your comfort zone in readiness to have a go .. but not so much that you will [falsely] believe that there is no work ahead of you. Online refers to any ‘live’ session such as in-person, Skype, text, Messenger, Zoom, or web whiteboard. Click for samples of past sessions or to book.

Note that conversations from all text based platforms are deleted at the end of the session. For more on confidentiality, read the FAQs.

To recieve some preliminary questions, prior to committing to an Online Service, text ONLINE to 043 555 0084 or email ONLINE to There is no obligation and you will receive no further information from me if you choose not to proceed.