About Hobajing Services

Yaama (Hello). I am Jedison Wells, Narrative and Community Worker at Hobajing Narrative Practice. I believe that we all strive to be both part of a community and a productivity. I am yet to come across a Culture, a History, a Continent that doesn’t contain some expression of our desire to be included and to be of use. At the practice, we explore what it is that you want from love and work, and what behaviours and/or skills will get you there. My methods and tools are not new but my candid, pushy, hands on approach has worked for many and has fostered growth in environment, ambition, outlook and attitude. I deliver most of the Services myself unless a specialised consultant is needed, for instance a Health and Safety expert or a specific Country Elder.

I am a girl, just over 50 who having lived a few moments of confusion and misadventure, now chooses to build the confidence and optimism of others. I have a Yuwaalaraay and Scottish heritage and offer culturally safe counselling and programs. Before committing time, money and effort I encourage you to read through the FAQ’s below and the sample sessions to fully understand the services offered.

How is my information protected?

Live voice services are never recorded, and if I make any notes, I will ask you first if it is ok, and then either destroy them at the session’s end or give them to you. In live text based platforms, such as Messenger, data is also deleted at the end of the session. Offline services are through Slack or similar password protected platform where you are always in control of the password. the only information that is kept is your tree alias, and there is no data linking your personal information with that tree name. Also see Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy.

Is your service covered by Private Health Insurance Rebates?

Counsellors are not covered by Medicare but services are covered under Police Health Insurance, BUPA and Medibank Private. Level of cover is dependent on your policy. For further information contact your Insurance Provider. Note that counselling services claimed via private health do not require a GP referral.

What’s the difference between Coaching, Counselling and Training?

This is by far the most asked question and I don’t feel there is a black and white answer. All I can do is share mine and other professional interpretations and you decide if my service is what you need. Click for the rundownIf you are up for a read, click here for an indepth look at Narrative Therapy. 

Is your service Coaching, Counselling or Training?

The Hobajing focus is to support you by looking at what you have now, where you want to be and figure out the stuff in between, sometimes instructing you in specific skills. I am a registered Counsellor with the ACA, and have qualifications in Training, Career Development, Narrative Therapy and Reiki but will use whatever skill is required to help you during the session.

What qualifications do you have?

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment [Gold Coast TAFE], Diploma in Community Services [Harvey Bay TAFE], Diploma in Auditing [SAI], Bachelors Degree in Training and Development [University of New England], Graduate Certificate in Career Education [RMIT], Masters in Narrative Therapy [Melbourne University]

How effective is training over the phone, online or using Skype?

There are limitations to distant forms of support. When someone is in front of you, you can take in body language, which may be giving off an entirely different attitude to the words being used. For instance, say the same thing with a smile and then a frown. Now I would be able to pick up that body language if we were in the same room which may or may not help your exploration. So communicating over the phone, online or using Skype requires more effort on both on our parts to relay our intentions. For a comparison of delivery styles, click here.

Where is the business based?

The office is in Robertson, New South Wales, Australia and I travel up to two hours in any driving direction [which includes Sydney Central] before my basic rate is affected. Hobajing is an Australian Business so I abide by Australian Business Practices and (at present) only deliver in English. My location preference is the Southern Highlands, New South Wales so I can contribute to the local economy.

Is Hobajing a registered training organisation?

No. Hobajing is a registered business and I am a registered Counsellor. I run workshops and transfer skill but I cannot issue VET qualifications, statements of attainment, apply for State and Commonwealth Government funding or offer registered training to overseas students.

Where did the examples throughout the website come from?
Every example is a simplified version of an actual client’s experience. Note though that descriptions are a summary and are no indication of the hard work that each Client put into their result and of the challenges that arose. Review sample sessions to get an idea of the work involved.
How is the client [or consumer] protected?
What’s with the funny name?

One night in 1997, my then three year old daughter came out to the kitchen dancing to an episode of  Playschool on the TV. She was chanting Hobba Jing Hobba Jing Hobba Jing. The word stuck with us and over the years has come to mean something that will come to fruition, something amazing, something we’re working towards. 

Have you ever rejected a job or client?

Yes and it wasn’t easy. If for any reason, I feel that I cannot support you with the qualifications and experience that I have then I will cease the relationship and provide you with a referral to another Professional. Example is a small business Accountant or Family Therapist etc.