Increase Professional Literacy and you increase Opportunity

There are genuine training providers out there who are willing to share their expertise for no monetary cost. Many of them are simply providing a taste of what study is like or want to promote a certain discipline or skill set. This page lists such opportunities. I try and increase this list by one per week by searching the internet for legitimate free training that (1) has no monetary commitment of any kind, (2) builds a competency and (3) is current. By no monetary commitment I mean not even credit card details for 30 days or anything like that.
I first came across these types of courses when I took a semester at Charles Sturt University in their Masters of IT program. The university offered the actual units that enrolled students were taking so those unsure about their commitment could try it out.
You have to be careful though as the internet is full of scams. There is no stereotype. Try not to judge a training course on its pretty pictures or supposed claims and don’t ever give out your bank or credit card details unless you are absolutely sure that the service or product is genuine. Please advise me at if any of these links no longer work.

Multiple University Disciplines

The Open University offer actual University units ranging from Health and Medicine, Finance, Business, Science and even Music. Examples include Becoming a Competent Trainer; Mining Engineering; Online Advertising; Understanding Common Diseases. Courses are offered to help students experience online learning. LAST CHECKED 17/02/20

Computer and Communication University Units

Charles Sturt University IT Masters Program offers actual University units ranging from Project Management, Photoshop and Digital Marketing to Programming units such as Microsoft Server, Mobile Games Utility and Scrum Master. The aim of the courses is to “give students a taster of of what it is like to undertake postgraduate study”. LAST CHECKED 19/11/17

Sporting and Coaching Courses

The Australian Sports Commission offers free online courses in Sports related topics such as Coaching and Officiating, Playing by the rules and several Athlete Courses such as High Performance Motivation and Goal Setting. LAST CHECKED 19/11/17