Upcoming Public Workshops

Each workshop contains a general introduction to Narrative Practice and then centres on the specific challenge, such as Anger, Work or Loneliness.  Due to the hands on activities, numbers are kept to six, eight and twelve. Unless otherwise stated, all events are three hours in length and are combination of comical biography, group work and individual participation. Price per Workshop is $85 per person. Click here to book.

W.O.W. In A Nutshell

We look at what building a Career requires in modern Suburban Australia including the local landscape, the global outlook and …. Participants learn about transferable skill, the ‘hire me’ attitude and strategies to keep you focused in the tough competition that is the World Of Work. 

W.O.W. With A P Plate

Choosing a Career for the next ten years brings many obstacles when you’re not sure where you want to be next Tuesday. With a P Plate centres on the World of Work for Teenagers, and shares some strategies for finding, keeping and increasing employability. 

W.O.W. Over The Hill

There are many of us, including me, over the age of forty and diving into a territory that has completely changed since we first started working over twenty five years ago. No Commonwealth Employment Service, No knocking on doors, No polite letter returned stating we didn’t get the job. Over the Hill introduces the basic framework of the Australian World of Work including the unique concerns of the  Mature Jobseeker.

W.O.W. From The Empty Nest

For those who devoted their years to raising children to adults, it can be uncomfortable trying to re-enter a workforce that doesn’t seem to recognise our level of skill. From the Empty Nest, introduces the basic framework of the World of Work and the challenges of those who have been out of the game raising their brood.