No-one sits in the back row

At a Hobajing Workshop. It’s hands-on participation and hands-off phone and laptop. Workshops are a means to improve an already established team or build skill by exposing individuals to activities, synergy and creativity that only the shared experience can bring. The aim is to bring individuals together to bounce ideas off each other, participate in activities and leave knowing a little more about their options than when they walked in. 

Each workshop contains a general introduction to Narrative Practice and then centres on the specific challenge, such as Anger, Work or Loneliness. Due to the hands on activities, numbers are kept to six, eight and twelve. Unless otherwise stated, all events are three hours in length and are combination of comical biography, group work and individual participation. Price per Workshop is $85 per person. Click here to book.

Workshops are delivered in the workplace or a public meeting space like a library or hall, within two hours drive of Robertson in the N.S.W. Southern Highlands. Currently public sessions are held every quarter for individuals to attend a Group Session.