Together Clients and I

Community and Business Projects start off with an amazing energy and resilience but sometimes with a falling in membership or resources or a lack of leadership, the mission can become lost. ONSTAGE Coaching focuses on introducing a large team to a particular topic, such as the implementation of a new system or method. The message, including handouts etc, are prepared by the Client, and I deliver the message checking for reception, understanding and acceptance throughout the presentation. Samples of past sessions are below, review Booking Details for pricing information.

.. deliver the message

Anthony was the Project Manager for a Rural Construction Project. A new system of collecting and recording Quality Control documents was to be implemented, and some of the staff were reluctant to see the value. Anthony and I presented the system through a PowerPoint with a live training screen and participation from the Crowd. An I.T. and Quality representative were made available through the presentation to answer employee questions, and key people were asked [prior to the session] to submit challenges that could be worked through live.
.. promote the message

At Selma's company, Construction workers attended the central office for their general safety inductions and site specific information was presented as each Project Manager saw fit. I was initially contacted by Selma, to help him generate some material, but ended up inviting all Project Managers to a Training Session on Inducting New Starters to site. The group worked through an imaginary company's needs on the whiteboard, and there were two activities where the audience was divided into four groups of six.