Together Clients and I

Offline Coaching is like a tag team. At your pace, we  take turns in exploring your issue or building your plan, and you respond as you wish. Below are examples of past sessions. Review Booking Details for pricing.

.. work through possibilities

Session 1 →
✉ Elaine's workload is out of hand

I ask for a 2 week record in 15 min intervals + a priority order

I generate a reduction plan

Session 2
After 3 days, Elaine shares where she is finding difficulties

I send general tools that can be adapted to her workplace

Session 3
After 1 week, Elaine comments on where she could do better

📫 I mail a self paced guide and point out where she shines

Session 4
Elaine completes the training and requests help on application

I send practical examples that can be easily adapted

.. deliver the message

Max volunteered at a workshop that improved trade skills of the unemployed. Sharing his carpentry trade was quite easy but getting the students to understand the safety induction beforehand was becoming a challenge considering the varying levels of English reading and writing ability. I helped Max convert his safety induction into a presentation with videos, photos and activities. As a comical, hands on package, it inspired the required participation that Max needed to ensure the students understood the safety message.

.. embrace onboarding

Lester relied on a casual workforce for his tutoring business. All the Tutors were skilled in their area of expertise but with no set operational policy or on-boarding guidance, Tutors were turning up at the wrong address, not returning hardware on exit or unsure of how to submit their accounts.  I assisted Lester in generating a five page document that outlined all the necessary housekeeping and policy information for his staff, including a paragraph on what was expected when someone left the company. Combined with a review by an Occupational Lawyer, and Lester's commitment to personally go through the document with each New Starter, his housekeeping risks were reduced.