Best Practice is about tailoring possibilities to suit particular needs and circumstances

Rarely have I seen a one-size fits all approach to Coaching or Counselling but I do believe that there is a common framework regardless of the target. With that in mind, I offer several platforms of delivery and the best one is that which suits your personality, your aspirations and your other commitments. See below for a comparison of services or click here to access sample sessions. Regardless of the delivery method though, there is no sitting back at a Hobajing. I am not a library. My services and information come with the catch that full participation is expected.

live communication through Skype, text chat or telephone with one-on-one participation
turns taken upon response to each other
email, dropbox or snailmail
live communication - only a few participate in hands on activity - venue required
Live communication - all participate in hands on activity and bounce ideas off each other - venue required for your group [not for individuals]
immediate feedback
suits individuals
respond at own pace
suits those who prefer to take time to  respond
message is delivered to a wide audience
suits business seminars
all attendees participate - engagement builds confidence
requires a quiet room and up-to-date computer technology and knowledge
input can be very black and white
Two way time lapse can reduce creativity
YOU are your sole motivator
some may not participate and just sit in the back
not everyone is comfortable in participating